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About us

Wholesome Parties for All

This is our aim: to bring tree-free, organic, no-artificial-anything party supplies to the masses.

Our Products

We make organic and compostable party supplies that support eco-friendly play. Our roster includes tree free party decorations, non toxic finger paints for toddlers, non toxic glue, non toxic slime, and natural playdough. Great for the planet and for children with chemical sensitivities.  

Our Story

We care for our planet and we care for our children.When it came time to celebrate them both and all the supplies and arts & crafts materials we came across turned out to be either petroleum-based or ultra-expensive... we dug out grandma's old recipes!

First came the glue, then the play dough and the finger paints made from all organic ingredients and no artificial colorants or artificial preservatives.

Some ingredients were still not out there at the outset. But, as time went by waiting for the each piece to evolve and present itself in our path, other things came to be. Like our tree-free party supplies -- to this day still pretty unique in their kind. Cutting dies were designed and ordered, creative minds put to work on the color choices. Waiting for every piece to come in, before we knew it we were experimenting with organic sugar decorations and all-natural, vegetable-sourced colorants. Lucy then chipped-in with her sewing prowess and gave us 100% organic cotton tablecloths and napkins. And so "Viola'!", we had a had a party supply concept in our hands!

"Why not make this to share with others? And why not charge less than everyone else? And why not manufacture it all here in America?", we asked ourselves.

We thus grew from just an idea to what we are today: a mom-and-pop shop with many plans and unrelenting energy for expansion. And an aim to keep all our manufacturing local as we grow. We produce in small batches and package everything by hand. Trying hard to keep petroleum-based anything out of our sight. Down to our packaging, which we've designed so as to minimize or virtually exclude the use of conventional commercial glue at the seams.

We've put a lot of love into making our products and are having a ton of fun in the process! All so that you can enjoy a 100% compostable and truly planet-friendly party that minimizes the carbon-footprint it leaves behind. Because every day should be a party. From now, until ages to come!

Wholesome partying!