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Welcome to the world Tessa Bunny's!

Posted by Ana Davidov on

Welcome to the world Tessa Bunny's!

We are so excited to announce that, as of today… we are officially present on social media! Yei!! Right in time for Valentine’s Day too, offering the world a chance to celebrate while saving the trees with our very affordable and totally TREE FREE party decorations and party favors. Printed exclusively on sugar cane and banana leaf fiber papers, we’re working hard to make the world greener one party at a time.

Join our Green Party Hardy movement today by shopping with us! Or, check us out and give us a like on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram! (Still working on setting up Twitter!).

Here’s to wholesome partying for all!

Welcome to the world Tessa Bunny’s!


A World’s First: Tree Free, Organic and 100% Compostable Partying

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