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Compostable straws and utensils

Seattle: No Plastic Straws, No Plastic Utensils

Seattle: No Plastic Straws, No Plastic Utensils

We here at Tessa Bunny's are so excited today with the city of Seattle's announcement of an across-the-board ban of all plastic straws and utensils. What an epic win for the oceans and all our fishy, marine animal buddies!

What started as a push initiated by the Lonely Whale Foundation to have the entire city of Seattle ditch plastic straws during the month of September, turned into a massive movement and now all the city's businesses will have until July 2018 to convert to compostable options.

Saving marine life AND promoting less dependence on petroleum-based products... that is worth celebrating!

Go Seattle! 

Here's hoping the entire U.S. follows suit!