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Organic School Glue, Non Toxic Glue

Type: Organic Glue

 Organic, Non Toxic Glue

This naturally non toxic glue makes GREAT organic slime!... Made with certified organic ingredients, vegan, naturally non-toxic, non-GMO, petroleum free. No chemicals whatsoever...100% chemical free.

Our patent pending organic "school" glue for paper and other porous materials (such as wood and fabric) is made with a proprietary blend of certified organic ingredients yet it performs remarkably well compared to the synthetic stuff we grew up with!

AND, Tessa Bunny's organic school glue also makes a PERFECT slime!! Just add some of your favorite cornstarch (a tablespoon or two at a time), and a few drops of your all-natural vegetable-based food colorings, stir, then knead until the mixture reaches the consistency you're looking for, and presto!... A wonderful, organic, naturally non-toxic, totally kid safe organic SLIME!!! Absolutely no PVA and no borax-containing anything. Just a nature supplied non-Newtonian fluid that will provide your little ones hours of fun!

Please tag us on any pictures or videos you post of your slime! We'd love to see what color combos and creations our customers come up with! :)

Ingredients: Water, Organic Non-GMO Cornstarch, Natural Sea Salt (No Caking Agent & Kosher Certified), Organic Pea Protein, Organic Quinoa protein, Citric Acid.